Squash Blossom: “great food, great coffee, great atmosphere”


  Since my roommate and I have completely opposite schedules, we rarely have the opportunity to spend time with each other during the week. As a result, we often plan to go out to lunch together at the beginning of the week just to catch up with one another and take a break from our busy lives. We love trying out different hole-in-the-wall places around downtown Phoenix, but the cafe we usually go to has become our absolute favorite.  

Located in McKinley Lot, just two blocks North of Taylor Place (our dorm), Squash Blossom lies in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It’s by far the best breakfast and lunch cafe I’ve been to around here. Although it just opened a few months ago, in the summer of 2012, it is continuously attracting new customers.

One of the things my roommate and I have noticed since we’ve been going there practically every week for the last month or so is that there’s always different types of people there. Squash Blossom is definitely living up to its goal which is to “bring the people of downtown Phoenix and the surrounding metro areas together,” according to their website squashblossomaz.com. Whenever we’re there, we’ll see other ASU students like ourselves taking advantage of the free WiFi and 10 percent discount. However, there’s often a variety of other customers, such as businessmen in suits, old ladies in cat sweaters and, of course, the stylish hipsters who would probably hate for the cafe to become too popular.

Not only are there interesting people, but the art on the walls and the holiday menus also make every trip to Squash Blossom quite an experience. There’s regularly new paintings or photographs to be seen, and I try a new sandwich or coffee almost every time I’m there. I haven’t been disappointed yet because it’s all so fresh and delicious! Plus, an impeccable music selection accompanies everything else that’s amazing about this cafe.


Squash Blossom’s veggie-lovers sandwich & coconut almond latte from the holiday menu.

Learn more about Squash Blossom by watching this video featuring my lovely roommate: